ATA Announces 2016 Award Recipient for Outstanding Contribution to Asian Television

Published on 21 September 2016

The organiser of the 21st Asian Television Awards (ATA) is pleased to announce that Mr. Ko Dae-young (pictured), President and CEO of Korean Broadcasting System (KBS) is to be the recipient of its Award for Outstanding Contribution to Asian Television.

The ATA’s Award for Outstanding Contribution to Asian Television honors exceptional individuals who have distinguished themselves through their accomplishments and contributions to the TV industry in the Asia Pacific region and the world.

Ko has more than 30 years of experience in public broadcasting. He joined KBS as a TV reporter in 1985 and has since held key positions including foreign correspondent to Moscow, Russia. He was the Executive Director of News Department and Executive Managing Director of News & Sports Division. In 2012, he became General Auditor for KBS Media and two years later he was appointed President of KBS Business. He was also appointed as Chairman of the Korean Broadcasters Association (KBA) in August 2016.

As a reporter and journalist, he earned the 7th Korean Journalistic Verity Award (2011) for his outstanding contributions in the broadcasting management field. Born in 1955, Ko studied English Linguistics at Hankuk University of Foreign Studies in Seoul.

“We are pleased to be able to present the award to Mr. Ko,” said Mr. Raymond Wong, Chairman of ATA. “His entrepreneurial spirit and remarkable business accomplishments have greatly influenced the growth of the entertainment industry throughout the region,” Wong added.

As the first public service broadcaster in Korea, KBS has remained the most influential and creative media organisation in the country. It has two terrestrial and six cable TV channels. It also runs six domestic radio channels with various international platforms.

In 2015, KBS exported US$91.5 million-worth of content abroad, going to 46 countries.

KBS maintains its reputation as the nation’s most trusted source of news and information. Its high quality documentaries and especially its dramas have swept across the shores of almost every single country in the region, even increasingly beyond.

“As head of the leading public service broadcaster in Korea, I am delighted to be recognised and I humbly accept this honor. At the same time, I feel hugely responsible for our public duties and further commitment to quality broadcasting services,” said Ko.

KBS is investing to lead the next-generation broadcasting and media services and aiming to become the world’s first to launch terrestrial UHDTV broadcasting.

Ko will be presented with the award at the ATA gala, attended by industry luminaries from Asia and beyond, on 1 December 2016 at Suntec Singapore. Join us in congratulating him and KBS on this well-deserved award as he receives this honor on stage.


More updates about the award programme will be announced in the coming weeks – so stay tuned


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