Apollo Awards 2016 Nominees Announced

Published on 19 May 2016

After weeks of grueling work going through the entries, Apollo Award’s panel of 23 judges has finally announced the nominees. The results were tabulated and audited by international auditing firm PricewaterhouseCoopers.


Of the 198 submissions received this year, 55 nominees were selected in the 19 award categories. One new category was introduced this year. The Online Short Production category sees 2 nominations, Red Bull: Chasing Street Dreams and Red Bull: State of Flow from No Average Joe, and Singapore Inside Out: An Invitation to Inspiration from Brand New Media. Brand New Media’s submission was a collaboration between 20 creative minds put into a 60 seconds spot to promote an artistic traveling showcase fronted by the Singapore Tourism Board in conjunction with SG 50.


Singapore Inside Out: An Invitation to Inspiration

Photo: Singapore Inside Out: An Invitation to Inspiration


Joanne de Rozario, Managing Director of Brand New Media explained, “We had to undertake pre-production, shoot, post and deliver in 3 weeks! The immense collaboration between all parties involved is what made it work. From the initial idea to the creative development by Glenn Chan together with the vision of our director of photography, Gerald Stahlmann, and the selfless participation of the creatives made what began as my scribbles on paper a very cool 60-second spot.” She added, “Art is difficult enough to interpret and the props we had to work with really had us scratching our heads for awhile! It started with a steel scaffolding we didn’t know what to do with. We had people on the floor literally moving a turntable with three talents on it, art assistants throwing feathers around, our production manager and I pretending to create food art and a really cool performance artist who worked with candles and soot! The creativity on set (and at the final exhibition) was really something I personally had never witnessed in Singapore before.”


Three categories from last year were expanded to include short forms. In Music Composition short length version, Tanglin by Jack and Rai has been selected as one of the nominees and they will be competing against Mo Ju Li, who composed episode six of Tuesday Report: Where the home is. The Sound Design category was also expanded to include short form where GMA Network’s Alamat: Ang Langgam at ang Tipaklong will be competing against Stereoimage Studios’ Gnome. August Pictures’ entries have been nominated in five categories with two works competing in the Directing long and short form. Jump Class – Haha Song, nominated in the Directing short form category is about a primary school student traversing between the parallel universes of Speedi World and Simply World while Somewhere Out There – Dhaka Tanneries, is a documentary about Hazaribagh, a tannery district in Bangladesh causing severe river pollution, which is nominated in the Directing long form category.


“Being nominated is a recognition. It means the craft, quality and the aesthetics of our productions are among finest of the year in the region for the awards, especially when this is an award that focuses and recognizes talents in the craft of productions. The nominations gave us more confidence and encouragement to produce better quality work,” commented Chow Wai Tong, Director of August Pictures. The Violin, an animation about a young boy who receives an old violin as a gift out of kindness from a foreign trader, which becomes a treasured possession over several years, will be competing in Music Composition, full length version and also in the 2D animation category. The animation, produced to commemorate Singapore’s Golden Jubilee in 2015, took 10 months to complete from start to end.


Ervin Han, managing director of Robot Playground Media elaborated the process behind the production, “We began with research and writing, then storyboards, designs and layouts. Production was mostly background painting and animation. Once we've locked the animatic reel, we worked with the composer on the music - a critical part of the film, since there isn't any dialogue - while animation continued. As an animated film, I thought it could be intimate and also quietly powerful to treat it like a silent film, with only a musical score as the soundtrack.


He also shared his thoughts about being nominated for the Apollo Awards, “I'm proud and delighted, especially for our production team who really put their heart and soul into the project over a long period and also immersed themselves deeply into the historical side of the story.” “Apollo awards is relatively young compared to other existing awards in the region. However it has a clear and strong focus on recognizing outstanding creative talents for their crafts in productions, especially on areas which are important but often undervalued when it comes to recognition. Apollo awards comes in to address that and say hey, we appreciate and recognize your hard work and talents. It meant something precious for the industry to look out for,” echoed Chow. The winners of the Apollo Awards will be announced on 1 June, 2016 at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore in conjunction with Broadcast Asia 2016.

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