Maisie Loh Appointed Editor of Asia Food Journal

Published on 2 March 2016

SingaporeAsia Food Journal today announced that Maisie Loh will be appointed as the Editor of the magazine. Maisie will be the key content contributor and will oversee the day-to-day editorial operations of the publication.

Maisie is a seasoned media professional with more than a decade writing and producing for the television industry covering a wide range of genres ranging from sports to entertainment and news. She has covered on-the-ground stories from events such as the U.S. Open to Wimbledon as well as the NBA All-Star games in the U.S. for ESPN Star Sports as well as producing original content balancing clients’ objectives with channel branding at Channel NewsAsia. She has also worked on a digital food channel producing and writing short videos featuring Asian chefs. She is excited to be able to contribute in her first foray into publication.

She holds a degree in Communications from the University of South Australia.

Contineo Media welcomes Maisie Loh in her new appointment and wishes her every success.

For more information, please contact:
Maisie Loh, Editor, Asia Food Journal

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