Published on 5 June 2015

HBO production, “Grace” triumphed at the Awards, grabbing three wins in Cinematography - Long Form, Music Composition and Sound Design. Attitude Pictures, Freeflow Productions and Studio Eeksaurus followed with two awards apiece.


“The Apollo Awards is organised to give recognition to the talents behind the scenes all across Asia Pacific, like most of you. The audience does not know who you are; all they can see is the incredible magic on screen. But you made that amazing effect possible by putting your heart and soul into your creative work. Today we pay tribute to you!”, said Raymond Wong, organiser of Apollo Awards.



“We thank our judges, sponsors and partners for your generosity and contributions. The Awards wouldn’t have been so momentous without your kind support, endorsement and presence,” added Wong.



The ceremony brought together more than 120 industry professionals, who celebrated the joyous occasion with the award winners.






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