Apollo Awards

First launched in 2005, the Apollo Awards is an initiative aimed at honouring the best in production and post-production across Asia Pacific, with a strong focus on the creative and technical mastery behind the scenes.

In recent years, the fluid nature of talent migration in the production and post-production industry, coupled with the growth of Asia Pacific’s media and entertainment industry, has drawn top talent to the region and elevated the quality of work produced in this region.

To reflect this growing expertise, the Apollo Awards seeks to showcase and reward more niche specialties in production and post-production in the years to come.

Since the launch of its new and improved version in 2013, the Apollo Awards has garnered overwhelming attention from industry players as the nature of the awards is uncommon in this region.

With a jury that combines extensive academic knowledge and industry expertise with many years of experience in the fields of technical and creative, and the results tabulated and audited by an international auditing firm, this is the Awards for production and post-production artists in the Asia Pacific region.

Website: http://apollo.onscreenasia.com

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