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ASIA IMAGE is the leading source of information for the broadcast, production and post production sector in Asia-Pacific. It covers every aspect of broadcast, television and film production, animation, special effects and technological innovation.

Starting from 2013, ASIA IMAGE will be available weekly for the year, via 20 PDF issues and 30 HTML issues. Print editions (and its e-book equivalent) will still be available 3 times a year including the all-inclusiveASIA IMAGE Annual Guide. With this new model, ASIA IMAGE will be reaching over 11,000* digital readers weekly, and the higher frequency gives us the advantage to present news as and when it happens. The PDF, on the other hand, allows for more in-depth features and this will be presented to you bi-weekly. The 3 print issues target the visitors at key trade shows with bonus distribution of more than 1,000* print copies in each issue.

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